Gensmak hired Pave to help envision different flows to concept test their mobile trivia game.



Gensmak needed help envisioning three flows: start game, play game, and share game in order to start concept testing thei multigenerational trivia game.


Our team delivered a complete game flow in medium fidelity from start game, play game, and share game with 22 mobile screens and a clickable prototype in just 3 days.

Start Game

Players invite their friends and go through team formation before getting into gameplay.
Scoreboard screenInvite players screenTeam Setup screenLobby screen

Play Game

Players pick a generational card and have a chance to answer or ask the selected question.
Pick a card screenAnswer question screenAsk question screenHint screen

Share Game

Players can record themselves answering a question and have the option to save or share on social media.
Record screenAnswer is correct screenShare recording screen