Prevent Workspace customers from migrating to Slack and Teams.

Screen of Google Chat integrated with Gmail.Screen of Google Chat integrated with Gmail.

Chat Launch

We reimagined Hangouts Chat, to improve team communication and collaboration.

Google chat mobile product examples: contacts, read status, message exchange.
Google Chat mobile product of chat exchange between two coworkers.
Google Chat mobile product of messages from teams, threads.
Google Chat mobile product of messages from contacts and read status.


Hangouts Chat was missing critical functionality to compete with Microsoft Teams and Slack.


The team launched Chat with improved accessibility, seamless Gmail integration, and new features.

Design System

We updated Chat to the Material 2 design system to meet new accessibility requirements.

Google Chat desktop product in the Material 1 design theme.
Google Chat desktop.


The Material 1 design system failed several new Accessibility requirements, and the Material 2 spec was light on enterprise patterns and needs.


We partnered with Gmail and the Material team to update Chat and contribute new design system patterns. Chat is the 1st G Suite product to be GDPR compliant, and achieve Google’s Level 4 accessibility rating.


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Decreased Dissatisfaction

Chat in Gmail

We seamlessly integrated Chat's new features into Gmail to improve bundled communication.

Google chat desktop product screen with chat rooms, reaction features

Chat Features

We launched new AI and inclusive features across Workspace products.

Google Chat smart reply AI feature

Smart Replies

We launched smart replies using an AI trained with billions of conversations over 10+ years.


We designed new features and design patterns for reactions, smart replies, and a skin tone picker.

Google chat accessible emoji picker.
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