Chat Launch

Chat was built to improve team collaboration and compete with Microsoft Teams and Slack.



Chat was missing a clear strategy, team alignment, and critical functionality. This resulted in delays, and an underwhelming MVP.


The team launched to general market on-time, feature complete. It was G Suite’s first launch that was compliant for general data protection (GDPR) and Google level 4 accessibility (GAR4).

Material 1 Direct Message Chat Room Example ScreenshotMaterial 1 Team Room Threads Example ScreenshotMaterial 1 Chat Page Example Screenshot

Chat in Gmail

We integrated Chat’s new features into Gmail to improve bundled communication.


Create <> Collaborate

G Suite was the first to combine communication and collaboration in the same surface which improved context and reduced latency.

Team Experience

We added experts in enterprise software, communication tools, and behavioral economics to yield innovative outcomes.

World Cup LIVE

We created an experience for customers to catch up on scores, highlights, and memes.

LIVE Stories

We created content playlists for every brand with news, best-in-class ads, and relevant brand interests.



Improved Satisfaction for Sales and Customers


We filmed customer videos and published them on Twitter for PR.



Return on Investment


Stock Increase

Evidation Design System

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