Software Design

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Design Systems

Chat Launch

Hangouts Chat was built to improve team collaboration, and compete with Microsoft Teams and Slack.



Chat was missing a clear strategy, team alignment, and critical functionality. This resulted in delays, and an underwhelming MVP.


The team launched to general market on-time, feature complete. It was G Suite’s first launch that was compliant for general data protection (GDPR) and Google level 4 accessibility (GAR4).

Material 1 Chat Page Example ScreenshotMaterial 1 Team Room Threads Example ScreenshotMaterial 1 Direct Message Chat Room Example Screenshot



Our product and marketing teams were siloed and required new operating rhythms to align positioning and launch messaging.

Team Engagement

The team was reorganized from a command-and-control structure to squads, which increased autonomy and satisfaction 30% in six months.

Chat in Gmail

We integrated Chat’s new functionality and Material 2 design in Gmail to improve bundled communication.

Main Content Pane

We integrated chat messages and rooms in the main content pane, making all messages a 1st class experience.

Feature Parity

We added new features and sunset old features to improve interoperability between Hangouts Classic and Chat.


Create <> Collaborate

G Suite was the first to combine communication and collaboration in the same surface which improved context and reduced latency.

Team Experience

We added experts in enterprise software, communication tools, and behavioral economics to yield innovative outcomes.

World Cup LIVE

We created a World Cup experience for our global customers to catch up on scores, highlights, and memes.

LIVE Stories

We created content playlists for every brand that included Cannes and World Cup news, best-in-class ads, and relevant brand interests.



Improved Satisfaction for Sales and Customers


We filmed customer dronies, published them on Twitter and Vine, and they were promoted by global advertising and technology news outlets.



Return on Investment


Stock Increase

Material 2 Design System

We updated Chat’s design system from Material 1 to Material 2.



Material 1 failed Google’s new accessibility requirements, and the Material 2 spec was missing several enterprise patterns.


We partnered with the Material team to update Chat, and contributed new patterns to G Suite United.


We updated type density guidelines for email and chat products.


We improved delivery accuracy and velocity with Material training and certification. We held bi-weekly design crit with the Material team to review new features, patterns, and issues.



Increased Customer Satisfaction


Decrease in Dissatisfaction

Twitter Design System

We refreshed the marketing style guide and improved design consistency, delivery velocity for 1000+ marketing assets every year.